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Brasília is the Capital of all the Brazilians.Its population is a mixed of all parts of Brazil. Each one of its people brings the culture of their areas,.This particularity makes Brasília a diversified culture place .


Brasília is classified by UNESCO as a Cultural Humanity Heritage . And the recognition of its patrimonial value was based in Lúcio Costa town planning marked by Oscar Niemeyer modern architectural projects, which transformed Brasília into a stage of experimentation of arts.

Brasiliense is the name given to those born in Brasília. Candango is the term that is given to those who live in Brasília but were not born in the city.At that time of its construction, Candangos were the workers that immigrated to the future capital for its construction. Nowaday ,the term has also being used by some brasilienses to identify themselves .

Shopping Malls

Main Shopping Centers in Brasília

  • Pátio Brasil Shopping
    Adress: Setor Comercial Sul, Quadra 07, Bloco A, W3 Sul Brasília
    Tel: (61)3314-7400 – Fax: 3314-7474
  • Brasília Shopping
    Adress: Rua Setor Comercial Norte, Quadra 05, - Bloco A - Térreo - Centro
    Tel: (61) 3223-1617
  • Pier 21
    Adress: Setor de Clubes Esportivos Sul, conjunto 32
    Tel: (61) 3223-2100 – Fax: 3223-7215
  • Liberty Mall
    Adress: Setor Comercial Norte, Quadra 02, Bl D
    Tel: (61) 3328-8915
  • Park Shopping
    Adress: Setor de Áreas Isoladas / SO Área 6.580 CCCV
    Tel: (61) 3362-1300
  • Conjunto Nacional
    Adress: Setor de Diversões Norte, Conj. A
    Tel: (61) 2106-9700
  • Iguatemi
    Adress: SHIN CA 4, Lote A, Lago Norte
    Tel: (61) 3577-5000


  • Concha Acústica
    Located by the Paranoa Lake,in the North Sportive Clubs Sector(right next to the Modern Art Museum of Brasilia - MAB).
    The ( Concha Acustica) Acoustic Shell is a project by the of the Famous Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer , opened in 1973. It has a stage covered by a shell shape form created for outdoor show presentations.
  • Praça dos Três Poderes
    Located in the beginning of the Eixo Monumental Leste (East Monumental Axis).
    "The Praça dos Três Poderes" is the most important civic touristic point of the capital . It is a town planning project of Lúcio Costa and building projected by Oscar Niemeyer . It is a wide open space surrounded by the three monumental buildings that represent the three powers of the Republic: the Palace of the Plateau (Executive), Federal Supreme Court (Judiciary) and the National Congress (Legislative). Besides the palaces, the Square of the Three Powers(Praça dos Tres Poderes), includes the sculptures; The Warriors by Bruno Giorgi considered a symbol of Brasília, and the Justice sculpture of Alfredo Ceschiatti, in front of STF(Federal Supreme Court). We can still see the Pyre of the Homeland and Marco Brasília, in honor of an Unesco Act that considered Brasilia a Humanity Cultural Heritage.
  • The Itamaraty Palace ( Palácio do Itamaraty)
    Located on the Esplanada dos Ministérios .
    The Itamaraty Palace is the headquarters of The Ministery of External Relations of Brazil.
    The building, one of the most Well-Known work of Niemeyer, it is surrounded by a water garden that shelters the famous sculpture "The Meteor" (see picture), by Bruno Giorgi. The space is open to visitors . It has in its interior an art collection with the most renown Brazilian artists such as Cândido Portinari, Mary Vieira, Manabu Mabe, Franz Weissmann, Alfredo Ceschiatti and Victor Brecherer.
  • The Tv Tower (Torre de TV)
    Located West of the Monumental Axis.
    Project by Lúcio Costa, is one of the few important buildings in Brasília that are not a creation by Oscar Niemeyer; 224 m high, it is the center irradiador of sound and images from the radio stations and TV. The National Gems Museum is 25 meters away from the TV Tower which is another cultural and enterteiment option , its collection has 3 thousand unhewn and cut stones ; it is a shop window of diamonds, emeralds, rubies, among other precious and semiprecious stones. It is located 75 m away with the observatory with capacity for 150 people, where we can appreciate one of the most beautifull views of the city and a 360 degrees vision of the Pilot Plan, with a highlight to the Esplanade of the Ministries, to the Monumental Axis and to the Bus Platform. Ahead we can see the sculpture “The Spacial Era" by Alexandre Wakenwith. The traditional handcraft fair opens on Saturdays,Sundays e holidays from 8 am to 6 pm .
  • The Alvorada Palace (Palácio da Alvorada)
    Located on the North Hotels and Tourism Sector.
    Official residence of the President. Project by Oscar Niemeyer, The Alvorada became one of the icons of the Brazilian modern architecture. The first Great construction built in the city, it was done even before Brasília was ready, in 1958. In Front of the Palace ,There are are two sculptures" : The Laras", by Ceschiatti, and" Rio of the Rhythms", by Maria Martins. Next to the Palace there is a a chapel with a wall by Athos Bulcão.
  • Ulisses Guimarães Convention Center
    Located between the two expressways of the Monumental Axis .
    The Convention Center is one of the few important buildings in Brasilia which was not designed by Oscar Niemeyer; instead, the project was assigned to Brazilian architect Sérgio Bernardes,reformed,expanded and partially opened in 2005 .The new Convention Center has increased the growth of event tourism in Brasilia. The Convention Center has a total area of 54 thousand square meters ,with a capacity to receive 9.4 thousand people
  • Sara Kubitschek City Park
    Located in the South Monumental Axis
    The Sara Kubitschek Park received the name to honor the first lady, Mrs Sara Kubitschek, Wife of Juscelino Kubitschek, who was the President of Brazil in 1956. The place has a total area of 4.120 square meters, with town planning projected by Oscar Niemeyer and a landscape by Burle Max. It has a lot of attractions such as Nicolândia Park , bike track, kids park ,lakes, racing kart tracks, lots of playgrounds, open areas of native vegetation, and public areas where there are barbecue pits.
  • Brasilia National Park - Mineral Water
    Located on the Via EPIA BR-040, Urban Military Sector, Km 9. The Brasilia National Park , better Well known as a Mineral Water Park , has an area of 30.000 hectares. It is considered an excellent leisure option of enterteiment.The park offers two mineral and corrent water swimming pools , space for picnics under the shadow of trees, besides walks and trails in the forests.


  • The Brasilia Metropolitan cathedral
    Address : The Cathedral is located in the Monumental Axis, by the entrance of the Ministries Esplanade . Opens everyday, from 8am to 7.30 pm . Information: Call (61) 3224-4073. Visits are not allowed during the masses.
  • Dom Bosco Shrine
    Address : W3 Sul Avenue - Q. 702 - Bloco B - Phone No.: (61)3223-6542. The Dom Bosco Shrine is one of the most well known churches of Brasília and one of the most frequent images in the postcards of brasilia.
  • The Good Will Temple
    Address: SGAS 915 - Lotes 75 and 76
    The Good Will Temple has a shape of a seven faces pyramid and the objective of being an ecumenical center.


  • Central Bank's Values Museum
    Address: South Bank Sector - SBS, Quadra 3 , bloco B-1, Underground -. Telephones: (61) 3414-2093 - (61) 3414-1331 / 3414-1898
    The Museum of Money has one of the most complete collections of Brazilian coins and bank notes, with items representative of all periods of the nation's history. The Museum has Thematic Rooms with coins, Bank Notes and other objects that help the tell history of money around the World , such as the Brazil Room, the World Room, the Gold Room, the Brazilian Central Bank Issuance Room, and a 1937 minting mill used for the distribution of medals as gifts to visitors.
  • Live Museum of the Candanga Memories
    Address : Via EPIA Sul, Lote D, Núcleo Bandeirante.
    The Museum installed in the first Brasilia hospital was built in wood. Today it develops projects and cultural activities and it is one of the most important registration , preservation and diffusion spaces of the history and the culture candanga .
  • The Honestino Guimarães National Museum
    Address : Esplanade of the Ministries
    The Brasilia National Museum also known as the Honestino Guimarães National Museum, was projected and made by Oscar Niemeyer and opened on December 15, 2006, along with the Leonel of Moura Brizola National Library, which was also projected by Niemeyer.
  • JK Memorial
    Address : Cruzeiro Square / the Monumental Axis
    The Museum projected by Oscar Niemeyer in honor to the former-president of Brasil, Juscelino Kubitschek, who founded the city of Brasília. At The place, there is a JK`s body , several belongings, such as his personal library, and pictures of him and his wife, Sarah. It presents works of arts projected by Athos Bulcão in its outdoor area , a stained glass window drawn by the artist , Marianne Peretti over mortuary camera and a sculpture of 4,5 meters of by Honório Peçanha.
  • The Press Museum
    Address : The Press Industry Area- SIG - bloco 6 - lote 800.
    The Press Museum was opened on May 13, 1982, in the gardens of the National Press. The museum has an audiovisual system that tells the technological evolution since the royal press until nowadays , and a material for studies and researches on the subject.



  • The Brasilia National Theater
    Address : North Cultural Sector
    The National Theater is the biggest architectural complex made by Oscar Niemeyer in Brasília destined exclusively to arts. The construction started on July 30, 1960, but the finalization of the theater only happened on April 21, 1981. It is composed by Villa-Lobos (1307 armchairs), Martins Penna (437) and Alberto Nepomuceno (95) rooms , besides galleries and other spaces.
  • The Dulcina de Moraes Theater
    Address : SDS , Bloco C, Store 30/64,
    Founded by Dulcina de Moraes actress , it is one of the oldest theaters of the city. Ahead of her time, Dulcina maintained special concern with the formation and professionalization of artists.
  • The Federal District Secretary of Culture
  • The French Alliance
  • Caixa Economica Federal Cultural Complex
  • The Bank Theater


Movie Theaters

  • Dial movies (programming): 139
  • Pier 21 Movies (Cinemark)
    Address: Setor de Clubes Esportivos Sul , Brasília - DF, 70310-500 - (61) 3223-7506
  • Cine Drive-in: right by the Brasília 's Race track
  • Cine Brasília Cultural foundation
  • Park-Shopping Movies
  • Liberty Mall Movies
  • Patio Brasil Shopping Mall Movies
  • Conjunto Nacional Movies (Márcia Cine )
  • Boulevard Shopping Mall Movies
  • Iguatemi Shopping Mall Movies
  • Academy of Tennis Movies



The gastronomical sector of Brasília is very diversified, offering the most different cousines , for the tourists of the most different areas of the country and nationalities.
The tourist will find in Brasília, restaurants with Northeastern food , Amazonense, Matogrossense, gaúcha, with its authentic barbecue, as well as the mineira food, with its home-made food, cheese bread, that is part of the national cultural heritage.

Photos: Manuel Poppe